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Our special thanks to everyone for making the GEOHuntsville SUMMIT 2016! such as tremendous success!   

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Huntsville Alabama Mayor Tommy Battle Visits NGA Campus East

By NGA Office of Corporate Communications

A delegation from the GEO Huntsville nonprofit economic development initiative, including the current mayor of Huntsville, Alabama, and a former Alabama congressman, visit the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's Springfield, Virginia campus Jan. 12. Robert Cramer, former congressman from the fifth district of Alabama, Mayor Tommy Battle, Chris Johnson, executive director, GEO Huntsville, and Greg Schumann, a member of GEO Huntsville's board of directors also met with NGA Director Robert Cardillo during their time at the agency to discuss advancing geospatial information technology and homeland security.

Our special thanks NGA Director Cardillo and his staff for making this meeting possible!

GEO Huntsville Participates in OGC Internet of Things Pilot Demonstration

OGC Incident Management Information Sharing (IMIS) Internet of Things (IoT) Pilot Demonstration was held in Washington DC on January 13th. 

Pictured here: OGC Internet of Things (IoT) Pilot Demonstration Team with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary for Science and Technology, Dr. Reginald Brothers. The pilot included over 20 participants from 5 countries. 

Our special thanks the Huntsville's responder community for helping make this demonstration a success!

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GEOHuntsville and Exemplar City's Blueprint for Safety Project 

are supporting advanced Situational Awareness and Information Sharing  by participating in the 

Open Geospatial Consortium's Incident Management Information Sharing (IMIS) 

Internet of Things (IoT) Pilot


Image source: IBM. Data source: IDC

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50 Private Companies,  25 Government Entities, 

3 Universities  Engaged in Geospatial  Technology Applications in 

Huntsville and North Alabama


NGA releases movie about the GeoQ Project -- See it Here

Why Huntsville?                  

Huntsville has always been a forward leaning city, as such Mayor Tommy Battle recognizing the vast geospatial capabilities and resources has formed Geo Huntsville to better promote these capabilities. Geo Huntsville is one of three economic development and jobs initiatives sponsored by Mayor Battle (Energy and Cyber are the others).


  1. Create a collaborative effort among businessess, academia and government
  2. Support workforce growth and economic development
  3. Bring awareness to professional expertise that exists in North Alabama
  4. Identify job opportunities
  5. Establish the region as a major corridor for geospatial excellence

Huntsville's modern existence was founded on space and it continues to be a forerunner in the ever evolving space industry.

  • Huntsville is focused on the commercialization of the earth observation satellite industry opportunties in new space-borne platforms

Huntsville has core capabilities in geospatial information systems (GIS) and software development as well as 3D visualization such as for building information modeling (BIM) technology

  • Several companies in the region have extensive experience in this technology

Geospatial Intelligence: As a major center for defense and intelligence, Huntsville has an opportunity to utilize its existing capabilities in this arena

  • Both the base of defense contractors and work performed on the Redstone Arsenal by the Missile and Space Intelligence Agency (MSIC) and AMRDEC present a defined workforce on which to build

Where are we today?  GeoHuntsville was established as a 501c6 non-profit organization in 2012 and today is made up of over 300 volunteers from the geospatial sector. The backbone of the organization is our working groups. Working groups provide a collaborative forum between users and technologists to develop ideas, pilot projects, proposals and solutions. Currently we are organized into 5 Working Groups: Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Responder, Public Agency/Local Government, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Education. 

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Working groups provide a collaborative forum between users and technologists to develop ideas, pilot projects, proposals and solutions. 

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GEO Huntsville Working Groups

How the good work gets done!


Addresses the increasing demand for professionals and technologies in the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) field

Local Govt/Public Agency

Serves as a user group for GIS professionals in the local government, utilities, education and other public agencies in North Alabama


Promotes geospatial education and fosters the development of geospatial curriculum among area universities and community                 colleges


A group of practitioners and technologists collaborating to identify challenges and technology gaps to develop                                 solutions needed to perform public safety tasks.

Small Business/ Entrepreneurship

Formed to increase the value and participation of small business and startups focused on geospatial technologies

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Group is focused on defining policy for unmanned                  aerial systems as it integrates with the National                                          Airspace System.

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