GEO Huntsville's annual scholarship is awarded to a geospatial industry-related student who wishes to grow their knowledge and skill-set. This scholarship shall go towards the awardees educational needs.

Upon scholarship award, GEO Huntsville requires a photograph and a follow-up status of the awardees goals. The winner will be posted on our social media websites.

- Must be a rising or current junior or senior college student who is working towards a career in a geospatial-related field in the Huntsville Area.

- Write a summary in the summary box below explaining:
   1. Why are you interested in the geospatial field?

   2. What are your geospatial career goals?

   3. How will you achieve your geospatial career goals?

GEO Huntsville will select 5 awardees to receive an amount TBD towards their educational funding needs! 

DEADLINE: Dec. 1st, 2020

Fill in your information below for scholarship consideration. 

Thanks for submitting!