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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Are You a UAS Pilot?

 As a result of UAS relief efforts in support of the 2017 Hurricane season and anticipated future needs, we often receive requests for information about UAS Pilots in our area. 


Can you help uncover UAS assets and resources within our state?  

  • FEMA REGION IV and the Alabama UAS Working Group Activities: 

    • Upcoming Summit Activities and Table Top Exercise

    • FEMA Training Opportunities: (see below)

    • Register as a Resource

    • Bi -Weekly Telecon Minutes

FEMA Region IV and the Alabama UAS Working Group Collaboration

The goal of the FEMA Region IV UAS Working Groups is to help establish a collaborative environment where local, state, federal and private sector UAS partners can share best practices, participate in state and regional UAS exercises and establish working relationships during  “ blue skies ”  that can be leveraged during times of disaster via Memorandums Of Understanding, Mutual Aid agreements and the EMAC process. As a result, a UAS Common Operating Picture will be developed to gather situational awareness for decision makers during disaster response, establish standards for performing damage assessments during recovery efforts and give guidance for state grantee reimbursements. 


Our expectation is that these FEMA Region IV UAS Working Groups will serve as models that can be replicated across the nation. Examples of how emerging technology can be organized and utilized for disaster  survivor assistance while integrating UAS into the National Air Space.

Below is a list of helpful FEMA courses for any UAS operator who would like to participate in emergency operations at the local, state, and federal government levels.  

The links below will direct you to the available Independent Study (IS) courses online.

  • IS-100  – Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)

  • IS-700  – National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction

  • IS-800.b – National Response Framework, An Introduction

  • IS-230.d – Fundamentals of Emergency Management

  • AWR-345* – Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Disaster Management

*Occasionally, the AWR-345 course is offered to state and local governments and their partners.  

Check often to see when courses are being made available.

GEOHuntsville and the GEOHuntsville UAS Working Group would like to be a partnering in sharing information and resources. 

If you are interested in providing your information, let's get started...


We will contact you right away with additional details. 

If you are in need of resources, please contact us directly at

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