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I D E N T I F Y       I N N O V A T E         E X P A N D  

Positioning Huntsville as our nation's leader in the design, development and deployment of practical geospatial solutions.

"Where" matters.

Whether you're querying your phone for nearby restaurants or wondering how they determined the location for the new hospital, "where" matters.  The rise in demand for geospatial data creates tremendous global opportunity and the "whys" and "hows" surrounding "where" have never been more intriguing. 

In order to make an impact, we must start at home. 

GEOHuntsville (a 501c6 non-profit organization) is a collaborative effort among businesses, academia and government entities to support workforce growth and economic development in our region. We strive to bring awareness to the professional expertise that exists in our region and identify job opportunities to continue to build the economic base and establish Huntsville as a major corridor for geospatial excellence.



To enhance our community's ability to identify, innovate and expand its geospatial expertise and resources, advance economic and workforce development, and facilitate geospatial solutions to address natural and human caused threats to our community and nation.

but, first...WHAT IS GEOSPATIAL?  

Quite simply, Geospatial answers the question WHY WHERE MATTERS.


Geospatial technologies provide:

  • location (latitude, longitude and elevation)

  • precision timing

  • navigation

  • imagery

  • and attributes associated with all the above
    (highway road system, traffic flow, terrain,
    moisture content, etc)

Geospatial applications are embedded in our
computers, smart phones and cars so whether we
realize it or not, every day we use Geospatial-enabled
technology to make our lives better.


  • Google Maps

  • Uber

  • satellite imagery

  • drone imagery

  • package tracking

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • weather forecasts

  • precision agriculture

  • GPS (location and time)

  • vehicle navigation systems

  • digital maps

  • location-based smart phone apps

Got it!  So...why Huntsville, AL?

Huntsville's modern existence was founded on technological advancements in space and continues to be a forerunner in the ever-evolving space industry.  These advancements position Huntsville to focus on the commercialization of earth observation satellite industry opportunities in space-borne platforms. When matched with the core capabilities in geospatial information systems (GIS) and software development, as well as 3D visualization for building information modeling (BIM) technology, the possibilities for impact are limitless.

Huntsville has always been a forward leading city, as such, Mayor Tommy Battle recognizing the vast geospatial capabilities and resources has formed GEOHuntsville to better promote these capabilities.  GEOHuntsville is one of three economic development and jobs initiatives (Energy and Cyber are the others).