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Java Developer

JavaScript Developer

Software Development Team Leader 

We work at the crossroads of the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and cloud computing to build a seamless fabric that interconnects all types of devices and systems in what we call the "Sensor Web".  Our solution is based on open standards and open source software, with the aim to improve how things get done in many sectors such as emergency response, smart cities, environmental monitoring, intelligence and defense.  We are a small but growing team where every member is vital. Find out more here:

Product Marketing for Location Intelligence

Pitney Bowes

At Pitney Bowes, our passionate and ambitious team delivers innovations that help clients navigate the complex and always evolving world of commerce; from helping them use data to market to the best customers, to enabling the sending of parcels and packages efficiently, to securing payments through statements and invoices.  In everything we do, we deliver accuracy and precision to drive meaningful impact. Check out the full posting here: 

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