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GEO Intelligence (GEOINT)

Created specifically to address the increasing demand for professionals in the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) field

GEO Workshop

August 22-24, 2017



A GEOINT, Responder and Unmanned Aircraft Systems working group collaboration


Exemplar City

Exemplar City is a model that municipal governments can follow when faced with a wide variety of challenges such as responding to a local emergency or crisis, mitigating economic impacts, dealing with workforce skill or capacity issues, or facing overwhelming infrastructure demands such as those presented during a catastrophic weather event.

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Blueprint for Safety

In 2014, members of GEO Huntsville's GEOINT and Responder working group launched this disaster rapid response regional pilot program. Work is underway to discover, define and test the current data collection and technology integration methods. The aim is to demonstrate how existing and emerging technologies can enhance geospatial intelligence gathering through information sharing platforms to improve multi-jurisdictional rapid response.

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